Youth Busking Challenge

There will be three age categories with winners and runners-up cash prizes

Age Category     Start Time                    Duration    Winner        Runner up

Under 10                 10am to 11:20                   20 MIN          $200                $100

10 to under 14       11:20am to 12:40pm           20 MIN          $400                $200

14-to under 18       12:40pm to 2pm                 20 MIN          $500                $250


All age dates will be calculated on the event date, 24 March 2018.   E.g. Participants must perform in their own age category.  If an entrant turns 10 on 24 March 2018, they will perform in the 10-under 14 category.   If there is a group competing their age group will be determined by the oldest member of the group.  Maximum of 4 members per group. All entrants must be under 18.  Power is not provided.  Busking donations belong to the performer.   Winners will be invited to perform at the Food and  Wine festival on the same day.

Registration and additional information available on website. Registrations cut-off date is Wednesday March 21.  Register at:

After registration, entrants will be allocated a number/site kit.  Number    /  up at :  Allison Music  85 Forsyth St. Wagga Wagga 


All inquiries to:        Challenge Chair -  David Pyke      0429 694 697