About Yenda

Yenda Pale AleHistory of Australian Beer Co

Established in December 2013, Australian Beer Company’s award-winning brewers brew quality craft beer and cider that celebrates Australian produce.

Our story comes from the humble innovative origins of our home town in Yenda and our passion for celebrating Australian provenance with our brewers. Our beers are malt-driven, full-bodied beers with clean finishes, ensuring a great taste from an authentic craft foundation. Our Pressman’s cider range is proper cider, made from 100% Goulburn Valley apples, in the proper way.

Like so many other great local and independent brewers out there producing great beers, our three expert brewers are passionate about developing great tasting beers and ciders for your journey of beautiful beer discovery.

Yenda History

Our beers are a celebration of our rural Yenda roots. Yenda’s heritage dates back to 1916, when returning Diggers were allocated farming allotments as a reward and compensation for their valiant efforts. Having started with nothing, it was their hard work, innovation and passion that turned the Riverina into Australia’s biggest agricultural food bowl.

The original settlers had to show humility, passion and innovation from the beginning. Every bottle we brew recognises our heritage. To us, craft beer is about great-tasting beer, brewed with passion and with a story to share.

We are jointly owned by Casella Family Brands and Coca-Cola Amatil. Thanks to our sales and distribution partnership with CCA, we have access to the best network in the country meaning consumers you can enjoy Aus Beer Co beers and ciders across Australia.

Why Yenda?

Yenda is our hometown. In the heart of the NSW Riverina, Yenda has a population of just over 1,500 and most folks are on first-name basis with the butcher.

What about the 1471?

You might have spied the 1471 that appears on our Yenda bottles. Our brewery in the NSW Riverina is located on farm 1471, on Wakley Road.

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