Golden Plate

Golden Plate Restaurant Challenge

The Restaurant Challenge

This year we are launching The Golden Plate awards, where the restaurants that we identify as the elite dining establishments will be invited to showcase their very best. This will occur between 1:30pm till 5pm. The winner will be announced on stage at 6:30pm.

We anticipate that four local operators will provide a plate featuring three small serves of food in a tapas or degustation style for a proposed $10 charge. Each customer will be given a simple evaluation slip to complete, and a trophy based on popular rating will be awarded.

  • Oak Room
  • Pavillion
  • Roundabout 
  • Thaigga

Oakroom Pavilion Thaigga Roundabout


During the festival, the challenge entrants will be located in prime position grouped together at the front of the Civic Theatre. They will be situated inside a wonderful marque provided by Jaegers.

The food stalls that have previously been part of the festival will remain, but fewer in number, and located in a separate area of the site, away from the restaurant challenge entrants. 


Committee Contacts:

Food Stall Co-ordinator: Michael Knight – 0412 376 570

Festival Chairman: Tim Barter – 0418 204 628